Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Got up very early this morning and caught the sun coming up. It was a beautiful morning with no clouds or wind. The water was like a mirror reflecting the sky.
We should have left then and taken the quick and easy Gulf of Mexico run to Panama City. But decided to enjoy my coffee and the sunrise instead.
So now we are in San Destin, FL and Baytown Marina. Nice place... kinda busy but lots of good restaurants to chose from. I'm thinking oysters.
We saw an old Pickwicker buddy... Ernie and Priscilla onboard Slo Movin Outlaw. Ernie recommends the oysters.

Also heard from Clyde today. He and Kirk made it to Isla Mujeres, Mexico. No problems with the crossing. Clyde said Kaiser was totally overjoyed to see Mia.
They have been there for a couple of weeks waiting for the weather to settle down before moving south to Belize then Gautemala. Said there was a nasty Tropical Depression over Belize. He said they would stay in touch in case we changed our minds and decide to head in that direction.
Who knows...

Oh well. It's a beautiful sunset here at San Destin as I am typing this out. I don't have much bandwidth so no pics today.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving... We are cooking a Pork Shoulder via a recipe Melissa sent me.
But now... Oysters!