Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kickin back

Island style... Not much going on right now because the wind has picked up which keeps us leeward. Seas are predicted to remain rather large for a few more days and that'll keep us from doing any fishing.

But weather has never stopped us from having a large time... doing little.

Capt. Bruce who runs the charter sailboat "Bahama Star" was happy to see Crew Istaboa back in the islands. A large bear hug was given to everyone, even Radar. We've crossed paths with Bruce many times in the past and Capt. Bruce is always a trip. A mostly benign pirate, Bruce never fails to entertain his guests with salty tales of his times at sea. He's a great cook also... on this night we shared dinner with the crew... Deep fried Turkey with all the fixins.
His charter was, oddly enough, a group of kids from St. George's Independent School which is about 3 miles from our home on Rocky Point. They were a very nice/very polite group of young folks who were astounded when Bruce told them we were from Memphis and docked at Compass. They asked where we lived and a couple of the kids said they drove past our house everyday on their way to school. They all said they couldn't believe someone from Memphis had actually sailed their boat all the way here from Pickwick.
This was their graduation trip— they seemed to be having a huge time.

The next day we took Don and Sharon from Bold Pursuit and their grandsons to Staniel to fly the boys out. It was a bit rolly crossing Joe Cay Cut but the little Albury sliced through it nicely and we made it into Pipe Creek and on to Staniel Cay in smooth water.
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