Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Walkabout again on Compass

Man the fish have been going crazy so we haven't done any blogging lately. We went early this morning and caught more than 20 fish in less than 2 hours; all between 20 to 30 lbs. I have never seen so many fish so frantic to bite bait.
The above pic is Mel and Gail. Gail is an old friend of Karen; she's from Taos, New Mexico and has flown in to visit for a few days. She, Mel, and I hiked the south end of the island.

Refrigerator Rock

Today as we were trolling for Mahi Mahi and the excitement had slowed a bit, Tucker said, "steer toward that calm stream". I didn't know what the hell he was talking about but he motioned to starboard so I went that way. Soon I saw what he meant. In the choppy seas was a calm spot. As we passed through this calm stream the fish started hitting like crazy. We had at least 2 at a time on and sometimes 3. There were 20 or so under the boat and they would hit if we were trolling or not.
Sometimes we would just jig the bait under the boat and they would strike it and run. Truly the wildest fishing trip yet.
Tucker explained that the calm spot was caused by current and held bait fish and that's what the Mahi Mahi were looking for.

Weathered rock
Years of wind and waves have eroded the terrain on the south side of the island in a peculiar way.
The fishing has been too frenzied to take any fishing pictures.
Not sure what tomorrow will bring but the weather is perfect which gives us plenty of options.

Till later.