Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Today's Pic

We got the grand tour...

Steve and Jayne drove us around and showed us their home and their home town. The weather is beautiful and this part of the world is too.
They took a modest house that's in town and transformed it into a very cool home. Their view of the harbor is framed by an isolated and protected natural patch of wetland, this is the scene from their bedroom windows.

First was a tour of the historic Inn at Perry Cabin

The Inn at Perry Cabin

It's quite large and took two photographs to take it all in. Remember the movie 'Wedding Crashers'? It was filmed here.
 History of The Inn at Perry Cabin

Over the fireplace

Look closely at the details... a lot of nautical history combined

 The main dining room.

Old gallon oyster tins lined the ceiling of the old bar.

All in the details

That's how our day started and it was followed by a drive to historic Oxford and Easton for lunch.
It was so nice of Steve and Jayne to go out of their way to show us the area. This has been a top stop on our Chesapeake journey.
St Michaels is a wonderful old eastern shore town.

We're not done yet...