Saturday, July 23, 2011

Interview with Tucker Rolle

Our buddy Tuck is on YouTube...  Alpheus Tucker Rolle

But this is not the first time... many have come to Compass to film Tuck's beautiful island.
Just this summer alone there have been numerous crews on-island doing shows and shooting photographs for national publications.

This crew was shooting a young lady who has a show on Nickelodeon called somebody's?? Great Big World.
Forget her name, but she must be known amongst the youngsters. She travels around with other Nickelodeon Network kids on a big yacht and films it. Ask a kid, they probably know her.

And this guy shoots for National Geographic as well as many other publications. Heck of camera for sure. He was really getting intimate with with the sharks here at Compass. He spent hours in the water with them.

Ahhh... Tuck's little paradise that he shares with us.