Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Today's Pic

Last night, we had dinner with friends at an old restaurant just across the street from the Maryland State House in Historic Annapolis.

Harry Brown's

What a view...

Cut from their website:

Known for its 1920's Old World feel, Harry Browne’s has been an Annapolis dining institution for generations of Annapolitans and their guests. The Continental Cuisine is in keeping with the seasons and local fish, seafood and farm-raised meat are featured on the menu. Harry Browne’s has catered to local politicians and 7 Governors and is a favorite with local lobbyists. The elegant décor and Old World charm coupled with enticing cuisine makes this State Circle restaurant a preferred dining choice in Annapolis.
The food was good, though the politicians and lobbyist must've been on vacation... the place was nearly empty. There was a Groupon for 50 bucks that we enjoyed.

Still scratchin' my head regarding our next stop... Maybe Baltimore?
We want to stay north for a few more weeks. Our thinking? Any blows that come will be less severe up here and there are more places to hide.
Another factor to consider... It will start to get crowded soon due to the Boat Shows.
We'll see...