Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beryl's not much

For Stuart, Beryl was just a nuisance. Not much more than a bit of puff and rain. That is a good thing.
We arrived back in Stuart at the beginning of one of the bands of showers and it lasted an hour. So, getting a little wet was the only damage we sustained. It did make the drive from Valdosta, GA an interesting one though.

Yep, we're back. Nope, still not sure about plans yet.

Our last night in Memphis was fun. It started with a surprise birthday party for a good friend and ended with fireworks right outside our windows and over the river.

 The new kitchen... kinda small compared to Rocky Point, but nice and functional

A few folks have asked for pics of the new digs. I took these with my iPhone just before leaving for Stuart.

I guess you could call this the sitting area. It and the kitchen are part of the same room.

Graffiti on the old brewery is always interesting. We've always wondered what it all means.

Though we're only on the 3rd floor, the fireworks seemed as if they were bursting just outside our window.
Little Muddy didn't like this at all, but the fireworks we're spectacular. They marked the end of Memphis in May festivities as well as our stay in town.
4:30AM the next morning brought our departure from Memphis with Istaboa as a destination.
Home away from home and it's good to be here.