Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Islands of the rich and famous.

Today we noticed Radar was a little glum... we've been busy doing human stuff and not including him. So we decided to crank up the Albury and do a little island hopping. He likes to ride around in the Albury and feel the wind in his face as he sits up high and scopes everything out.

 photo by Bruce McElya

Our first stop was at the Aquarium in the park where we saw our Texas buddies out for a snorkle.

Next stop was Little Hall's Pond which some of you may know belongs to Johnny Depp. 
Yup, Capt. Jack Sparrow's hideaway. 
Nope, we didn't see him.

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59 and counting

363 days until the big 6-0. So time to stop thinking about that for now.
Thelma did make me a delicious cake that everyone enjoyed very much. It was a great birthday party and I thank everyone for their kindness and all the good food at the Potluck. Everything from fresh Snapper, sausage from Carmine's in Palm Beach, Smokey Dog BBQ, to Doc Shippley's fresh Conch Salad.
It was a feast for sure.

Earlier in the day we made a supply run to Staniel and lunch at the Yacht Club. We walked over to the Pink Store and saw a pin full of Land Crab. As you can see in the video, they look like some prehistoric creature from an old 60's Sci-Fi film.
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