Saturday, February 19, 2011

Still loitering around Stuart.

Diggin through the archives, I came across this shot and thought I would throw it in...  just because we liked it so much. This was taken from the dock at Bakers Bay on Guana Cay back in 2006, when the boaters at anchor were still allowed ashore.
That's the former NoMoYdWk in the foreground with Istaboa further out.

 Yep, still in Stuart but having a nice time, so... why not?

But we did take the Albury down the ICW to Jupiter yesterday. It's about a 2 hour run because of the no wake areas. We saw a Manatee and lots of really pretty birds, but no pics. Seems my camera battery was dead, so I'm surprised we didn't spot a Mermaid riding atop a Unicorn. Such sighting usually happen when we're without camera. [e.g. The time we motored through a sizable pod of Pilot Whales while crossing the Gulf Stream on the way to the Bahamas, again, dead camera battery....]

More on page 2, with pics.