Sunday, November 8, 2009

Missing Stuart, Fl

One of neighbors from Pickwick.
"Miss Pat" has never been to Pickwick but her owners have a home just down the street from our old lake house. She's a beauty.

Before leaving, our friends, Will and Tara, stopped by before we all took the little boat into downtown Stuart for dinner at the Oyster House.

Sisterships...  62 Nordhavns

Before dinner, we took the Albury over to the Nordhavn commissioning dock to check out these two boats.

Of course, we couldn't leave without some time spent with Travers. His boss will probably have him in the Bahamas before we go back to the boat. So it was a, " see ya later", dinner at Lola's. Fun night.

We are really missing our peeps from the marina. We will probably be going back -soon- just to check on things... hmmmm.