Thursday, April 23, 2020

Hello In There

Love John Prine -
Prine's one of those song writers you won't often hear on the radio, but when you do, you'll remember the tune and the lyrics... his songs make you smile and they warm your heart.
After all the health problems he beat, this damn Coronavirus took him out. He'll be missed, but to paraphrase something Jim Dickinson once said, "He's just dead, he's not gone.".

Think about it - we all hope to be old someday - so put on your masks when appropriate - show some respect.

When you have time, and we all do right now, listen to this conversation >> Marc Maron and John Prine from 2016.

Hello in there - Hello

Today's Pic:

Sunrise - Solomons Island, Maryland - Chesapeake cruise, 2013
If I remember correctly, it was an unusually warm fall morning. We had cranked up early to head south for Gloucester Point, VA and start our migration home to Florida.