Thursday, August 8, 2013

Walkin' in Annapolis

I did get a few pics with my phone.

One of the first things we did after tying up was walk downtown and look for a restaurant. We really want some crabs, but they continue to be eluding us.

Next to "Ego Alley" is this bronze statue of Alex Haley... remember "Roots".
When we saw this, at the same time, Mel and I both said, "That's Tucker."
For the folks who don't know, Tucker Rolle is the fellow who owns and operates Compass Cay, Exumas.
For those who do know him... doesn't it?

We didn't eat here, but the colors and light blended nicely.

The skies are clearing a bit so, maybe, later today we can take some good shots. There are many things to photograph here.

Today's Pics

Annapolis is interesting — busy and touristy — but interesting.
We wandered off the beaten trail yesterday and it's a cool old town. Brick pavers, that appear to be quite old and they probably are, are used for sidewalks. The houses kinda remind us of parts of Mid-Town Memphis.

A knock on the boat last evening produced a visit from an old friend from Compass Cay. Josh is a Captain on a big yacht here in the marina. It was really fun catching up with him... He's a funny dude that we're sure we'll see again before leaving.

Our old buddy, Pete, is stopping by today for lunch on his way down to Williamsburg.

Tim, our friend, who's an Annapolis resident, will stop by soon also...
So, wow, we've gone from recluses to being social butterflies.

Should be fun.

I didn't take a camera as we walked the streets of Annapolis so these are a few pics leading up...

Quick shots taken from the pilothouse.

The only boat we saw on our crossing from Savannah to Cape Fear.

These Turecamo tugs are everywhere. Named after another Compass Cay friend. The Turecamo family owned many of these tug boats on the east coast. They show up on AIS all the time.

Why do sailboats always go out of their way to demand the right of way?

Easing into Solomons Harbor.

Today's a relatively cool day and at sometime we'll wander around some more... I'll take my camera.

I missed the Wednesday night sailboat races in front of the Yacht Club. That was pretty wild.

Thanks for checkin' on us.