Sunday, May 13, 2012

R.I.P. Donald "Duck" Dunn

 Sadly, another one of my inspirations has passed away. 

Duck taught us young wannabes to keep it simple, keep it home, and that's how he did it his whole career. I once asked him what strings he used, his reply? "I'm not sure, I haven't changed em in 15 years." 
While many of my contemporaries were slapping out Bootsy Collins and Geddy Lee licks, I stuck with Duck's advice....  "Keep it simple, keep it home." It worked for him and it served me well in that life, as well as in this one.
Duck on bass, along with Al Jackson on drums and Steve Cropper on guitar were the foundation that many in the music industry wanted to support them. From Eric Clapton to Muddy Waters... Booker T to Jerry Lee; at one time they were the most sought after rhythm section on the planet.  
Duck died in his sleep on this morning, May 13, 2012. He was in Tokyo after finishing two shows at the Blue Note night club in the city.

Duck's bio can be found at this link