Saturday, June 20, 2015

Re-entry: Mood Indigo

Mood Indigo.. Duke Ellington (or sort of)

You ain't seen blue; no, no, no.
You ain't seen blue,
Till you've had that mood indigo.
You ain't seen blue; no, no, no.
Bluer than blue can be.
When I get that mood indigo

We've been in the islands for a couple of weeks now, and if asked to describe what we see, one word would do it. BLUE
Crossing the Gulf Stream is blue, then crossing the Bahamas Bank is a different blue, hanging around Great Harbour Cay it got even bluer, Nassau loses a bit of color till you pull out of the harbor then — there it is again— BLUE. The further south you go, the bluer it gets
Then you get to the Exumas and the color pegs the limits of the spectrum. There should be a Crayola Crayon named Exuma Blue. It's impossible to describe... You have to see it with your own eyes.

Waking up rested, our first morning at Compass Cay, I've slept the sleep one only enjoys at home. After walking up the spiral steps to the Pilot House I turn to see what this day looks like and in my mind I say a quiet, ° wow °!

 ° wow °!

 We forget.

Just how

Beautiful it is.

A nice surprise — After crossing the bank and within 5 miles of Highborne, we hear a conversation on the radio then a sign off of, "Irianna, clear'.
Again, boat neighbors, from The Bluffs Marina this time. Tim and Valerie lived next to us for a few months after buying Irianna.
They later came by to visit us at Compass. It was interesting catching up with them and hearing about their trip to Europe. Irianna will be moving around the Bahamas so we'll probably run into them again.

MV Irianna

So, It's all good... the weather's cooperating. ESE winds make for enough breeze to stay coolish and allow for smooth water around Pipe Creek. Catching up with old friends and making new ones. Relaxation is the rule.

And more blue.