Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Bridge To The Outer Banks

I know, I know...
It's raining and there's not much else to do than process and post a few photographs.

This was a nice night.
The wind stopped and the water became like glass. The full moon rising cast off the nice color.

Tomorrow will be Chesapeake, Va and Atlantic Yacht Basin. We need a few things and a few days to regroup so It's a good thing we want to lay low for a while. The Bay is pretty rough right now and predicted to stay that way for a week or so.
We're excited about coming back to the Chesapeake. It's been a few years and when we were last here we didn't do all we wanted. We'll be passing through pretty quickly on our way north, but we will stop at a couple of our favorite places on the way up.

Thanks for checkin' in.



When you find it...

Alligator River Marina.
Tucked away next to the Alligator River Bridge is one of those rare little places that... if you weren't looking for it... you would never stop.

This is our second time to spend a night here and this time the restaurant, that's behind the gas station, that's also a convenience store, was open.
The food was good and served on a plastic plate. Didn't matter, it was very good and the lady who cooked it and served us was very sweet and accommodating.

Not much in the way of pics for the Shell Station and Restaurant, but did get a couple of Istaboa and the bridge that crosses over to the Nags Head, Kitty Hawk, Hatteras National Park, and all the other stuff the Outer Banks has to offer.

Outer Banks, North Carolina is also a very quiet place. The marina was empty except for one other boat.
Logan, the Dock Master was there waiting and quick to help us tie up. The Marina is neat as a pin and tucked away enough to keep you safe from almost any weather.

Good food, quiet, clean, not crowded...  our kinda Marina.



Today's Pic

Evening skies over Dowrey Creek...