Thursday, September 2, 2010

OKay... another update.

It's midnight and all I hear are warnings, doom and gloom, but where I sit it's calm as it can be. I look at all Istaboa's instruments and they show problems ahead, but still nothing has changed.
A good stiff drink would be nice, but if all hell breaks loose, I guess I need to be circumspect... or sober anyway.
Coast Guard is busy as a bee... folks are walking the docks, but, I don't see it. YET!
Two more hours until the eye is in our neighborhood...
We shall see...

Update on Hurricane Earl

Yep, I hopped on a plane yesterday and now I sit on Istaboa. Doubled all the lines and secured the Kayaks—and, everything else that wasn't tied down. So, we're ready to go.
Thankfully, Earl appears to have taken a northerly turn which will take it away from Gloucester Point and Istaboa. Now we have three more storm systems out there lurking. I think we're as ready as we can be.
Still a good thing coming up here to check on things. Seems the freezer in the lazarette died on us while we were gone. Lots of chicken, beef, lamb, and shrimp has been unrefrigerated for more than a month in 95+º weather. Nice smell and a fun job.
Had a great dinner last night with Peter, our dock neighbor. Local steamed clams in a sherry creme sauce. Ummmmmm.....   love the food up here almost as much as the Northern Gulf Coast.

I miss the crew a lot. It doesn't feel right being aboard without them.