Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tru food —O— da Gods... Payne's Barbecue!

Since we're back in Memphis, we had to make a run to Soulsville's Supreme Palace of Pork.

Payne's BBQ.

I called Ms. Payne and asked her to —please— make us a large batch of her most excellent Barbecue Sauce, in both hot and medium temps. This is by far Memphis' finest Barbecue shop in a town full of fine BBQ shops.
Housed in an old gas station where Horton, Ms Payne's now deceased husband, started smokin pork shoulders and ribs back in 1972. His name is still proudly displayed on the shop's awning.
I've been a loyal patron and disciple since about 1975, it's nice to see some things haven't changed.
It was very nice to see Flora Payne still smilin behind the counter.

“Thirty-eight years you know; you can perfect something in 38 years—oh pray—I pray over this food. Bless it.” – Flora Payne

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