Friday, July 8, 2011

Quite an interesting day

We're nearing completion of the internet project here on Compass and after spending the morning tightening up loose ends on the system we decided to run over to Sampson and pick up a few things.
Before leaving, Tucker asked me to call on Wild Tamarind Cay. The caretakers of the island heard we had done a good job of installing the communication system here at Compass and wondered if something similar could be done at Wild Tamarind.

Wild Tamarind was once called Rat Cay

So off we go to Wild Tamarind; It turned out to be a fascinating little private island.

The run from Compass to Wild Tamarind is an easy boat ride down Pipe Creek and within 10 minutes we were easing into their harbor. Once there, we were greeted by Vinny, who takes his job of being the island guard dog very seriously.
With his hackles standing straight up on his back, his teeth bared, and using his bark as his way of warning us to not even think of setting foot on his island; he got our attention as he ran the length of the rock quay that borders the entrance to the harbor, threatening at times to jump into the water to ward us off. He makes an effective deterrent.
Then we saw Leonora, the caretaker, walking down a path and waving. Vinny didn't let up.
Leonora helped us tie up the Albury, but Vinny was still nervous about our presence on his island. Mel asked if he would bite and Leonora said, "Yes, he has bitten many people.", then Mel asked, "Will he bite us?", and she said with a smile, " Well, let's see."
Not what we wanted to hear...  and why was she smiling?
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