Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Today's Pics

You never know what you'll see on the Chesapeake. Lots of military R&D in this area.

Stealth Boats?

They came screaming by at very high speeds — probably 60+ knots.

Even saw a drone fly overhead...

Couldn't get to my camera quick enough... 
So I copped a pic.

Wonder if they got our picture?  

Kinda like the helicopter only faster.

Georgetown, Maryland

At the end of the day...

 Cut from

Vibrant Small Town Boating Hub

The remote yet vibrant small town boating hub of Georgetown, Maryland, is eight miles past the confluence of the Upper Chesapeake Bay and the serpentine Sassafras River. Once a thriving port that was a base of continental supplies during the Revolution, the British, led by Admiral George Cockburn, decided to come on up during the War of 1812 and torch the town.

At least, that was the plan until they ran into Catherine “Kitty” Knight, a well connected niece of a Maryland Assembly member renowned for her beauty and determination. By the time the British troops climbed the hill to the last few houses in Georgetown, the village below was a bonfire. Most of the residents had fled. Not Kitty Knight. She refused to leave her bedridden neighbor. Admiral Cockburn was about to set fire to the house when Kitty Knight confronted him. He warned her to leave. She refused, saying, “If you burn this house, you burn me with it.” Struck by her bravery and her beauty, he spared that house and the one next to it.
The Kitty Knight House is now a restaurant and pub. Just up the hill from where we're tied up.

We've not explored the area yet, but our favorite discovery so far? —  as the sun goes down it's so quiet, just taking the boys out for their evening walk was a zen-like experience.

The skies looked kinda spooky at sunset, but the day ended much better than it started.
We think we'll enjoy the peace and quiet for a few days. Maybe drop the dink in the water and explore the Sassafras River... lot's of pretty places to photograph and the weather forecast shows to be sunny and mild.

August on the Chesapeake?
In 2010, when we were last here, it was 104°

Start smellin' roses.



One last thing.