Friday, February 27, 2009

The new dink!!

Yes... we got our new dingy and Istaboa will only have to sustain minor modifications. We are happy about that. Yacht Tech should have our mounts back this morning and the dingy project is done.

We walked over to the south side of the Marina yesterday and saw Tiger Woods' boat tied up there. It has the name covered up for some reason. Everyone knows whose boat it is so we're not sure why they cover it. Maybe to keep the tourist away. It's name is "Privacy" if you haven't heard. (Isn't that ironic) Christensen Yachts, the builder, was actually sued for letting the name out to the general public. Click here to see pics.
As you can see... it's a beautiful boat.
To see a really funny pic I found while googling Tiger's boat Click here

While we were over there we spotted a 62 Nordhavn named "Pendana". We struck up a conversation with, Steve, the owner. Nice fellow. We have the same destination/time frame in mind so we may buddy up with them. It's always nice to travel with another boat on long crossings.
Pendana has a website with lots of really nice pics from their travels all over the world. We look forward to getting to know Steve and Angela.

So that's all for now. Today we will dink around Palm Beach. There are some nice restaurants on the water here.