Friday, October 22, 2010

Bizarre article

 If this is real... How sad for those affected, but how weird... Click article title for link

Crocodile on plane kills 19 passengers

images from the past...

This morning, as I sip coffee, gazing out the big windows of Rocky Point, I see a herd of little deer ambling up the slope of the ravine out back, then they fade into a forest that's starting to paint the colors of Fall. It's a lovely image, and one that we always take delight in,  but at the moment, our hearts and thoughts are aboard Istaboa and in the islands.

Like the above image; this was the reality of a day we absorbed back in 08, this is a little beach on Highborne Cay, Exumas.
What a day... quiet—only the sound of the small rippling waves lapping up the shore. We had just enjoyed a little squall that cooled us off, made everything smell fresh, and the palms shine green. Warm sand under our toes as we saunter down this peaceful little strip of the island... and the birds, we reminisce,  singing happily in the rare puddles of fresh rain water—cheerfully—providing the background music for this moment. This was our last day in the Exumas.

Aaahhh......   Soon...

Escape is a theme we can't seem to shake.