Saturday, July 9, 2016

A Different Cruise

The South Florida ICW is completely different than other portions of the long and winding waterway. We've swapped naturally green, tree lined rivers overrun with flora and fauna for the concrete, glass, and steel of the canyonlike canal that separates Miami from it's beaches.

Don's tilting at high-rises

It's been interesting in it's own way though, not necessarily 100% to our liking, but this leg of our trip has lent a one-of-a-kind texture to our customary cruising life.
The rumors of many shallows are just that. We've found deep water pretty much this whole trip. If, you stay in the channel.

Today, we're tied up at Miami Beach Marina, taking care of biz and experiencing all that goes along with South Beach, Miami. Interesting and entertaining.

Tonight — South Beach Saturday Night... — I don't even need to say it.


P.S. It is a small world after all. Our Tennessee River friends will get a kick out of this.
While walking down the dock here at MBM we spotted a familiar face. Eddie Trimble, Infamous as a former marina manager from our Pickwick Lake days, he's now the Captain on the boat next to us. Fun catching up with Eddie.