Sunday, February 27, 2011


Sadly tonight we said adios to our good friend Peter. The Morewater deal has closed, the deal is done, but today we had a great time running down to Manatee Pocket for lunch at Fins. It was a beautiful day.

It's something we boaters have to do from time to time... Let go of the dream for a while...  and this was the right time for Pete.
But, he promises to be an honorary member of Crew Istaboa.
Adiós mi Amigo

Also, this weekend was the Stuart Art Fest and of course,  we took a few pics which are on page 2.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mission aborted

Not the Space Shuttle, but we decided not to drive to Titusville to watch the launch. After a little research on the internet we realized that, thousands of people descend on a small park at about the same time, watch the 90 seconds of the launch, then leave at the same time causing a huge traffic jam for hours. Not what we had in mind at all. So we just watched it from the boat. Not as dramatic as being there, but no traffic.

As soon as we spotted it, it was gone. That's quick.

Then all that was left was the dissipating contrail.

Good luck Discovery!
Here's to a safe and successful mission.



An interesting day

Yesterday, Pete invited me over to meet the new owner of Morewater.
A nice fellow who brought Scott Flanders, another Nordhavn owner, with him. Many of us long range cruiser types know of Scott and have read about his, and his wife Mary's, exploits aboard their boat, "Egret". They have been published in several magazines, Passage Maker being one, and they're prominently featured on the Nordhavn web site.
I had a great conversation with Scott. He's a very nice and humble man, he truly loves what he does, and is very inspiring.

For those who don't know of Scott and Mary, they have circumnavigated the world in their Nordhavn N46.
Cut from the Nordhavn Site:
In line with the Around The World journey of 2001-02 and the 2004 Atlantic Rally comes another great Nordhavn adventure: the Voyage of Egret. What started out for Scott and Mary Flanders as a 16-month journey from Gibraltar to New Zealand by way of Cape Horn on their Nordhavn 46, has turned into a life journey with goal destinations and loose timelines.
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Still loitering around Stuart.

Diggin through the archives, I came across this shot and thought I would throw it in...  just because we liked it so much. This was taken from the dock at Bakers Bay on Guana Cay back in 2006, when the boaters at anchor were still allowed ashore.
That's the former NoMoYdWk in the foreground with Istaboa further out.

 Yep, still in Stuart but having a nice time, so... why not?

But we did take the Albury down the ICW to Jupiter yesterday. It's about a 2 hour run because of the no wake areas. We saw a Manatee and lots of really pretty birds, but no pics. Seems my camera battery was dead, so I'm surprised we didn't spot a Mermaid riding atop a Unicorn. Such sighting usually happen when we're without camera. [e.g. The time we motored through a sizable pod of Pilot Whales while crossing the Gulf Stream on the way to the Bahamas, again, dead camera battery....]

More on page 2, with pics.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Very cool boat house

Pretty sure many of you have already seen this on HGTV, but a friend emailed it to us and we thought we would pass it along.
Beautiful is an understatement.

Monday, February 14, 2011

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

So we did a little walkabout.

I loaded up my camera with a fast telephoto lens and we took Radar out for a walk in the park at downtown Stuart. Snapped a few shots while out. It was fun.

Leaving the marina, you walk under the new Roosevelt bridge via the boardwalk and -Voila!- you're in a nicely landscaped, palm tree swaying, river front park. The Pelican restaurant is up next, a quaint outdoor cafe and very dog friendly. Flagler Park is a neighborly and kindly little city park where you'll see folks walking around doin what folks do in a park on a sunny afternoon.
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Friday, February 11, 2011

Shots over the bow

The favorite view for crew Istaboa

Going back through some archived images while working on a photo book (for personal enjoyment), we came upon a lot of these shots taken from the pilot house and over the bow. A lot! 
It's made us realize how fortunate we've been to have experienced these visuals and how much we want to add to this collection, there's a whole world of this still out there waiting for us, (much to Radar's chagrin)

For now...

Yep, we're still in Stuart and the exit windows of opportunity are getting shorter and shorter, northers clocking around only to become northers again within hours, which is what the weather does this time of year. 
But, there's no reason to complain, our time will come. 
More on page 2, but be warned... page 2 is large

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Since we're not doing anything interesting...

Waitin on weather and it looks like it's caught in a short clocking loop of south to north, which means we continue our linger.
But, as we say when it's so.... life is good.
Did find this interesting video that has nothin to do with anything. But... interesting — we think.
On page 2.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

On your mark, get set, ready?...

Hold it, hold it, , the weather has turned in the wrong direction. Stand down.
But we do see an opportunity mid week, so... we'll see.

In the meantime, our good friends Peter and Suzanne have flown in and are now aboard Morewater. We enjoyed dinner with them last night at Sailor's Return and it looks like there's a Superbowl party in the making.

Today we hopped in the Albury and motored down to Manatee Pocket where we saw some of the old Compass Cay crew, Phil and Judy on Salude Dos, after a brief visit we tied up and walked over to Neptunes for lunch.
Not a big day, but most enjoyable.

Something special for you Nordhavn fans on page 2

Friday, February 4, 2011

Abaco Pics

You wanted more Abaco pics?? You got 'em. 

For those with low bandwidth, page 2 is large.

More on page 2

Thursday, February 3, 2011

What a difference a day makes...

... and a full load of fuel.
When you have a boat that holds 2000 gallons of fuel, fueling up takes on a whole new meaning. Not only is it a considerable financial investment, but it also tickles your fancy and gives you notions of all the places you could go, people to visit, and the next thoughts are; why don't we crank up and go.
So now we're back to checkin out weather and sea sites for the next possible window of opportunity. Even talked to our friend Junior, in the Abacos, and found out our slip is available.

We haven't been over to the Abacos in 3 years; it was once an annual thing. First the Abacos, followed by Eleuthera, then the Berrys, on to Cat, before returning to the states.
Then we did the Exumas and fell in love, but the Abacos still seem like home and we do have many friends there. We need to do a short trip if we find the weather.

 We have wonderful memories of our times spent there.

More on page 2.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nope... still in Stuart

Bet some of you have thought we made a break for the islands.  No, not yet.
Been having such a good time here in Stuart and the Treasure coast that we've decided to hang for a while. You know how we are with plans and we need to finish up some tax stuff.
The weather's been excellent, nice days of runnin around in the Albury, and —all in all— just a calm and enjoyable atmosphere. Why try and improve on that? After reading some of our friend's island blogs, the wind is huffin to beat the band out there, so... we don't think we're missing much... we stay put for now.
I want some of what's in that blue jug. (Actually, I think I did a few nights ago)

Anyway, we just thought we should check in.
Found an interesting Twilight landing video. Great sound track
Watch it on page 2