Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Buyer's Market When We Sell... A Seller's Market When We Buy

Always seems to be the case, but after much negotiation/rejection/frustration/manipulation... We've prevailed and got a great deal on a small condo in an old warehouse in Downtown Memphis.

Should be fun... Right on the Trolley Line and close to all things that Downtown Memphis has to offer. The best part is we can lock it up and not worry about anything while we do what we enjoy most. So we have our fingers crossed that April 30th we close both deals.
Please wish us luck.

Finally got around to downloading a couple of pics of the puppy. Muddy is coming along very well. He really likes this very green new world here at Rocky Point. Lots of things to explore.

"Why does my human keep pointing that thing at me?"

Sorry about the lack of posts, but we've been consumed with completing these transactions so that we can continue on with our life.
Not sure what affect this will have on our near term plans... will keep everyone posted.