Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Okeechobee and St Lucie River

Crossing the Lake was a bit stressful at first because of water depths or should I say the lack of. The first third of this 30 mile or so crossing is very shallow. But after a while it deepened a bit and life was good. Mel and Radar slept through the whole thing... so the stress was all mine.
The Lucie Canal was just that and not much to mention.
The St Lucie Lock operators were a nice couple of fellows. Turns out one was a former Lock Operator at Guntersville Lake on the Tennessee River.
The St Lucie River is very pretty. Mangrove lined canals on both sides that look like they would be fun to explore.
The last 10 miles or so was a lot skinny. We ran with about 4 inches under us for most of the way. That will keep your attention.
Then we arrive in Stuart, Fl at the Harborage Marina and Yacht Club. A very pretty place right across the street from Nordhavn's east coast office.
It was a bit windy coming in which made for an added bit of tension. With the wind in my ears I really couldn't hear the Harbor Master and he couldn't hear me. I'm afraid I snarled at him a bit. But in the end we were tied up and no one was bleeding. Our definition of a successful landing.
Our old friends, Dick and Patra, aboard Sapphire are docked here. Nice to see and talk to them.
So today we are off to Palm Beach. Our next stop is Old Port Cove Marina.
James Knight, the defacto Nordhavn Guru, will be coming over to solve our Stabilizer problem and probably stick around for a beer.
But for now we must finish the St Lucie River and make it over the infamous Crossroads where everyone goes aground. The Crossroads is where the St Lucie and the Intercoastal Waterway come together. It has quite the reputation.
We promise pics soon.