Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mission aborted

Not the Space Shuttle, but we decided not to drive to Titusville to watch the launch. After a little research on the internet we realized that, thousands of people descend on a small park at about the same time, watch the 90 seconds of the launch, then leave at the same time causing a huge traffic jam for hours. Not what we had in mind at all. So we just watched it from the boat. Not as dramatic as being there, but no traffic.

As soon as we spotted it, it was gone. That's quick.

Then all that was left was the dissipating contrail.

Good luck Discovery!
Here's to a safe and successful mission.



An interesting day

Yesterday, Pete invited me over to meet the new owner of Morewater.
A nice fellow who brought Scott Flanders, another Nordhavn owner, with him. Many of us long range cruiser types know of Scott and have read about his, and his wife Mary's, exploits aboard their boat, "Egret". They have been published in several magazines, Passage Maker being one, and they're prominently featured on the Nordhavn web site.
I had a great conversation with Scott. He's a very nice and humble man, he truly loves what he does, and is very inspiring.

For those who don't know of Scott and Mary, they have circumnavigated the world in their Nordhavn N46.
Cut from the Nordhavn Site:
In line with the Around The World journey of 2001-02 and the 2004 Atlantic Rally comes another great Nordhavn adventure: the Voyage of Egret. What started out for Scott and Mary Flanders as a 16-month journey from Gibraltar to New Zealand by way of Cape Horn on their Nordhavn 46, has turned into a life journey with goal destinations and loose timelines.
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