Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Turning the lights back on

Been dark for a few days because of technical difficulties and having too much fun.
Had to send my laptop back to Apple... Seems I wore out the keyboard.
Amazing depot service from Apple; I call one day, they send me a box the next day, I ship it back to the repair facility in Memphis via FedEx, and a day later... I'm typing on it. Looks like new too! Three days all together!

Oh yeah... the fun part.
Our old Chesapeake Bay buddy, Peter, flew down for a few days. We had lots of fun.

Peter's boat...The former Morewater at Onancock

Lots of fun, food, good wine, and catching up. A terrific time. What started out as a brunch of Pete's excellent French Toast with a couple of Mimosas turned into a day long party with friends from the dock. Ending up at Santa Fe Cantina and Tex-Mex for dinner. What a day!
Think we are making loose plans to head back up north this summer and we'll stop off in Baltimore to visit Pete and Suzy.
So now we're caught up.... Back to just Crew Istaboa again. Gym and the reclamation of brain cells.



PS: If you have time... A neat little video of Morewater that some may remember.