Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Solomons Ospreys

These guys were playing across the harbor all the day. Fishing must be good.

And there were quite of few of these flying around also.

Weather's improving... maybe a run to Annapolis or St Michaels tomorrow.

Today's Pic

Well, as I said yesterday, the weather's the determining factor in our planning decisons. Last night we looked at forecasts and conditions appeared to be on the border between good-enough and no-fun. My thoughts were to wake early and look at the latest forecast, factor in the tides, wind direction, then decide if we're gonna run or stay put.
What we learned last week after being man-handled by the Chesapeake Bay was: 15 to 20 knot southerly winds pushing against an ebb tide equals those snarling, mean ass following seas. Not gonna kill ya, but they'll certainly take the pleasure out of boating. For you boater types, think 4/5' at 2 seconds. Hell, last week those seas actually knocked ol' Don Quixote off his perch. That's never happened.
As I expected, conditions crossed over to the no-fun zone. Looks like we'll stay at Solomons a little longer. Could think of worse things...

We may move to a different marina just for new scenery, but it's raining right now — I'm going back to bed.