Thursday, July 19, 2012

Making all things better

Marsh Harbor is our best bet for having our mechanicals repaired so we leave Guana and slowly motor the 5 or 6 miles back to Marsh Harbor.
I talk with Marselle at Harbor View Marina on the way over and he hooks me up with a guy named Andrew to fix the Gen, but Andrew can't be there till the next morning.
Pete and I go to work on trying to diagnose the problem and eliminate a few possibilities, but it's still running hot. We call James Knight at Yacht Tech and he has a few ideas, but by this time we're tired, hungry, and want a drink. We throw in the towel and just hope Andrew has a solution.
Andrew shows up right on time, looks at the generator, diagnoses it as a sensor or a thermostat, charges me 80 bucks, and leaves. Still no Generator.
I call Robin at Nordavn who, miraculously,  can have the parts to me in a couple of days, but I think about this for a while and come to the conclusion, Andrew is wrong.
Pete and I go back down and start pulling hoses and to make a long story short... we fix it ourselves.
Necessity is quite a motivator.
Now the A/C in our bedroom.
But before we go to work on that we decide on lunch at Wally's. We run into our young friends from the day before while at lunch and invite them over to meet the pups and see our boat.

They loved Radar and Muddy, but Lucy's sister was ill and they needed to get going. They did a quick walk through of Istaboa before leaving and seemed to enjoy that. It was nice seeing them again, unnipped this time and we still had great conversations. Very intelligent, interesting,  and well mannered young people we had the pleasure of meeting that reminded us of why we love this life we live so much. It's not just the sights you see or the things you do, most times it's the folks you meet and get to know.

As we were saying our goodbyes, our old friends Robin and Nancy from Rockin Robin walked over and Robin offered his expertise with Marine A/C.
It turns out Robin's a wiz at about everything. Within an hour he had all A/C running better than they have in years. The problem, as it always seems to be, Mussels from the St. Lucie River were clogging the water lines. We can't thank Robin and Nancy enough. It's really good to have friends out here. "most times it the folks you meet and get to know."

Tomorrow we head to Green Turtle Cay to see what we find there.

Should be fun.