Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Like always, we stop at Palafox marina in Pensacola.
We had a problem with the propane system on the boat so our friend Tom came over to help me with a solution... Turned out we were out of propane... so no problem to solve.
Happy problem.
Today we aren't doing much other than trying to fight back the lingering threat of a cold.
Weather is pretty tomorrow so we think San Destin will be the next stop.
We'll see tomorrow.

2 nights ago as I walked Radar, I looked up into the southwestern sky and saw two very bright and very large lights that were hanging low over the Gulf of Mexico. I thought they were too big for stars so I watched for a few minutes to see if they moved. They didn't...... Knowing I am not lucky enough to actually experience a real life UFO sighting, I shrugged and walked away.
This little site shows these lights to be Venus and Jupiter.
Check it out... Nov 22...19:00 Southwestern sky when viewed from the Mobile Bay area.
Neave Planetarium