Saturday, August 11, 2012

Back Home In Stuart

All went well with the AC project, now we'll see if it works as planned. Yacht Tech added a flushing valve so I can back flush the whole system and blow out the grass in the water lines with fresh water before it starts growing. Got my fingers crossed it works.

Hit ground at the crossroads as usual. I really wish they would dredge that out. Because we're a full keel hull it doesn't hurt anything, but the anticipation of the impending thump drives you crazy.

Oh yeah... another Pic Of The Day:
Juno Beach, Florida, USA
by Michael P. O’Neill
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA
“Listed as a threatened species, loggerhead turtles are in decline due to incidental capture in fishing gear, among other reasons. But various conservation efforts are underway to increase their numbers including rehabilitating injured animals. Here, a crowd gathered on the beach to watch as volunteers release a rehabilitated loggerhead turtle to return to the wild. I waited in the surf to catch that magic moment.”