Thursday, June 2, 2016

Purposeful Meandering

A thought I just had and a term I just googled — found this.

"Not all who wander are lost." 

 Since leaving Memphis and all the responsibilities of our once chosen professions, Mel and I have enjoyed and become accustomed to a life aboard of drifting without much long range intent or forethought.
After all, bumping around on our boat is our pleasure and has little or no bearing on the lives of others. Hence, when asked about our plans, we say, "We're not sure.". We often don't know until we're cranking up Istaboa and forced to pick a direction.
This sometimes annoys those who don't realize; we're not being coy, we're just enjoying one of the last free personal luxuries we can take pleasure in. The critical point option: Meaning, we'll stay fluid till we must decide.
Back on land, there's plenty of responsibilities and obligations waiting for us.
But for now — If you're reading this expecting to follow us on an epic voyage you're going to be disappointed.

So with all that said, we're in Cocoa Village, FL and having quite a nice time. We stopped for a day and it's now been 2... we may leave today and make the short run to Cape Canaveral and Ocean Club Marina, but that's up to the lock master at the Canal.
Part of that land based life, installing WiFi at marinas, Ocean Club is on our list of marinas. We're casually cruising and stopping at each one to take our time inspecting and testing those systems. We enjoy this.

Plugging that little WiFi company: The guys at onSpot have done a phenomenal job. I'll say it myself with confidence and pride, it's the best service I've encountered at a marina or even one of the fine hotels we stay at from time to time.
Unfortunately, Cocoa Village Marina is not on our list. It's a fine marina in a cool little town, but we're forced to use a cell connection to write this. Still, not bad. We'll stay here every time we pass by. The marina folks are very hospitable.

Our stops so far have been Bahia Mar in Ft Lauderdale, Admiral's Cove in Jupiter, Ft Pierce City Marina, and Loggerhead Vero Beach. All onSpot marinas and all very nice places to spend time. And, yes, the WiFi at each is really fast and always on.

Now I can say it — we're cranking up and Loggerhead Ocean Club at Cape Canaveral is our next stop.

Unless something changes our mind and direction.