Saturday, May 19, 2012

So, when in Memphis,

Do as the Memphians do.
We did.

We started out for the BBQ contest at around 3:00 and realized it was a long walk and very hot so we turned around and went back home to hang out with the pups and do some more homemaking.

We'd been invited to a party at a friends at 6 and decided if the sun was cooling down when leaving the get together, we'd walk down to the BBQ contest and check out our old team.
It was a typical MIMBBQ contest. Very hot, very crowded, and very smokey, but it was fun seeing our old friend Ralph and catching up.

We arrived just in time to see the sun sink into Arkansas.

We hung out for a while. Ralph treated us to a couple of beers and a plate of his world famous BBQ. It really was excellent. Boy, things have changed at the Can Do BBQ Booth, we didn't know a soul.
Then the convenience of living downtown really kicked in. We walked home and were safely tucked away with the pups within 15 minutes of leaving Ralph's booth. We liked that.

Yep, all iPhone pics. If you play with the apps a bit these phone cams can produce some interesting pics and you don't have to carry around a big camera. Kinda fun.

So that's it, I know we're gonna get outta here soon. Really miss Istaboa. All this real estate stuff has made a mess of our plans to head up the east coast, but you know what we say about plans. They're made for changing.