Monday, August 13, 2012

Something's Amiss

And there are some things missing.

Last week while we were in Palm Beach having modifications done and a wax job on the hull, it seems someone took several things off our finger dock that belong to us. I noticed something peculiar when we nosed into the slip, but being busy tying up, I forgot to investigate. Later I looked and my suspicions were realized. Someone had taken our nice PVC Kettler chairs, ($250.00 per), also missing, and this is the weird part, two 2' raw water hoses we had removed because they were clogged with weeds and barnacles, the Astro Turf that Radar and Muddy relieve themselves on when it's too hot or raining and we don't want to walk, and our door mat we set next to the entry gate of Istaboa. We were only gone for 3 days so...
In the 4 yrs we have been at this marina we have never had anything stolen so we're hoping there's an explanation and our stuff returns.
They can keep the hoses.
We're starting to get the itch to do some moving... Maybe this is a sign.
James Knight from Yacht Tech has offered to sub-lease us one of his slips in Jupiter for a few months. The Bluffs Marina is located inside a cluster of 4 story condos and makes for a great place to weather out a blow. We're thinking we may take him up on it for a couple of months until hurricane season ends. Maybe go back to Memphis and check on our new apartment. Memphis is normally not too hot in September so it would be fun. Check on our Memphis peeps.

I've not done any photography lately so I borrow from others... I like this one.