Monday, June 11, 2012

Bimini layover

We've never pulled into Bimini before. For whatever reason we've always stopped at the next little island south, Cat Cay, if we didn't want to pull an all-nighter or needed to wait for the stream to settle before crossing back to the states.
Before pulling in I called a buddy back in the states who loves Bimini to ask his opinion on where to stay. He recommended Bimini Bay Resort and Marina. We agree.

Soon after we arrived we met 3 young Bimini kids who said they would wash the boat for $20.00.
I had just finished desalting, but thought the industrious little kids could use the money. So we said, "come tomorrow at 10:00 and if we're still here you can wash the boat."
At 10:00 sharp they were knocking on the boat. I expected that $20.00 price to turn into $20,00 apiece and I was right, but they did a nice job and quickly became our little friends. Mel hired them to run down the road to Edith's Pizza and get us a famous Bimini Bread Pizza, which they did quicker than a Domino's delivery driver,  and we all had dinner together. They are very nice kids. (If in Bimini try Edith's Pizza, it is good.)
Muddy loved the little girls chasing him in the grass on the shore in front of the Dockmaster's office. Radar just looked at them when they tried to get him to play along as if to say... "Please give me a break, I'm not a puppy."

 See, there small, but legal.
Also, shortly after arriving a fellow in a skiff came by selling fresh Conch and Lobster. We like the smallest legal lobster possible and the fisherman sold us a dozen for $30.00. Not a bad price at all.

At customs Captain Mel, (Yep when it comes time to do Customs paperwork she is Captain Mel, the rest of the time she's the Commander.) asked the customs agent where to have lunch. He pointed us to Captain Bob's Fish House.

An iPhone shot of Crab Rice with Grouper Fingers and Cracked Conch.
Truly the best Cracked Conch I've ever tasted.... The Crab Rice? We found nor tasted any Crab.

The winds are still blowing pretty hard in the wrong direction and we're sticking to that, "We have no plans." plan, so we're still here. A whole day of facing a sloppy chop on our nose is not our idea of fun so we think tomorrow could be better... if not the next day. In the meantime, we're enjoying Bimini. Nice folks, interesting place. Bimini History is worth a look... Read here

I borrowed these pics, because we've seen all this stuff so why retake the same shots.
Got lots of video on my iPhone, but haven't downloaded yet.

 This is one I took with my iPhone. Next to the bar at the resort.

Today we will walk the pups over to the beach and let them take a dip. Little Muddy has never been swimming... This should be interesting. Pics and videos if it is.

So, that's it. We're glad the weather turned us and we discovered Bimini.