Friday, December 9, 2011

Back in Stuart again

We left Moore Haven at first light, heading east. Knowing it was going to be a long day for a slow boat we didn't dawdle. As we pulled into Moore Haven lock it appeared the water hyacinths had taken over the lock chamber, but we're used to that from the Tombigbee, so no big deal. We thought... Somehow we snagged a large clump somewhere under the boat and dragged it with us all the way across Florida. This slowed us down considerably. We're already a slow boat and to take a knot off our speed really screwed up the plan.

We tried every trick to shake it off, short of jumping in with a knife. I just wasn't up for the Jungle Jim maneuver. Then finally at the St. Lucie Lock as I'm talking to the lock operator; he points in the the water and asks, "Did you bring that all the way across with you?".  I look at where he was pointing and sure enough there's a clump of the stuff the size of a large manatee.
Finally it had shaken loose with only 10 miles to go and darkness looming.

As the last ray of light darkened, we pulled into the slip, tired, happy, and wanting a stiff drink.

It was a fun run across the state. Met a lot of new folks and rekindled friendships with others.

Now for the holidays...

And for your listening pleasure, I end this post with... The Decemberist playing their tune, The Mariner's revenge song.



A one ana two ana....