Saturday, April 27, 2013

Maybe I should be shooting a Canon


Last night, amidst the sprinkles of rain and the sound of distant  thunder, we ventured out to grab a bite at a local Italian restaurant before walking down Main for Art Night.
In Memphis, the last Friday of every month is Art night. Local artists show their work in hopes of someone appreciating and buying. We stopped by our friend and neighbor's gallery to visit and escape the rain.
John Robinette does incredible work that's inspired by the Mississippi Delta and it's authentically rusted existence therein... example below:

George Hunt was next door at the D'Edge Gallery. George is also influenced by the Delta, it's sounds, and sights. Maybe mix in some Pacasso meets Voodoo Village.

So over coffee, on this rainy morning, I started googling around and found more interesting artist that I'd like to share. I love the internet on rainy days.

Miss Van is back and hanging in Sao Paulo.

Bandwidth alert... unless you enjoy urban art, just don't

A more conservative approach to urban art.

And this is worth a clik too...

Photographer's Girlfriend Leads Him Around the World




Today's Pic

Sings the blues