Monday, May 22, 2017

Dispatch from the N.A.P.

It seems after pounding through harsh conditions, paying their dues for the first day or two, old Neptune has given that bold fleet of Nordhavns a bit of a break. Messages and blog posts indicate things have settled into a nice cruise for the North Atlantic Passage crews.

This morning's position points to an arrival sometime tonight.

Tivoli sends out real-time blog posts from aboard so I'm sure we'll receive a report later.

Meanwhile back at the ranch...

We're just wrapping up preparations on Istaboa and waiting for a nice 3 day weather window to give us pleasurable sea conditions to cross to the Exumas.  Typical late May weather patterns have prevailed. Puffy Southeast winds creating nasty head seas would make for  a miserable ride to the islands. So we're taking our time and going through all the systems needed for an extended stay.

Credit, where credit's due:
Shout out to James Knight for mending our davit; I don't think anyone else could, or would, have done it. He diagnosed and replaced a bad capacitor on the main controller circuit board. Not many do such things anymore. Certainly not cheap, but he did it on a Sunday, so worth the bill rate.

Today is Watermaker test.

Congratulations and Cheers to the NAP Crews as they're about to land in Bermuda and complete leg one.