Sunday, June 12, 2016

Our First Rocket Launch

We had the countdown online and we were watching in the general direction.
Then we saw the smoke.

No, this is not what we saw. But, I did send this pic to a couple of old buddies just to get them excited.
(This photo was taken by Jack Krause of Americaspace.)

Yeah, we saw smoke, which means the rocket had blasted off and was already being propelled toward space, but we didn't see the actual liftoff. Finally, Mel points out the missile as it was shooting across the sky. Then, we heard it. The sound was impressive. A rumble you could feel.

I did get a couple of shots. 

I was told by others here at Cocoa Village Marina that this was a pretty good day launch. Usually the missile is smaller and you don't even hear it. If we were at Titusville it would have been pretty spectacular, but ...

It's all good.