Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Pleasantly Uneventful Run

All the way to Nassau.
Really nothing happened to write about other than it was a nice, relatively flat, and a short cruise. 4hrs running and we were tying up at Atlantis Marina.

We passed by a couple of Manatees (Kadey Krogens that is.) and took pics for our friends Mike and Tracey... The Salty Cs crew.

After that a few Mega-Yachts and there it was... Nassau, Atlantis, and cruise ships on the horizon.

So we had my dreaded B-Day dinner at Nobu. Mel had Sea Bass, I had Lobster, and it was good. Glad to get all that 60th shit over with. Now ready to enjoy the next decade with the grace and wisdom that age has granted me, or that's what I'm told. I still think I'm that irreverent 25 year old.

There's something about Atlantis that makes me regret tying up here instead of going to Yacht Haven or Harbor Club, but I seem to do it anyway. Too much like Disney World. On the way back I think we may try the new Albany Marina.
So... Tomorrow we head to the Zoomas. Kinda like going home, especially Compass Cay where Tucker will greet us with a hug and say, "Welcome Home! Why you wait so long?"
Why did we wait so long?