Sunday, September 26, 2010


We quietly—at the last minute—hopped on a plane yesterday and today we're back aboard Istaboa.
Oh happy days!
She's a bit dirty, but it looks like rain is on the way. So, nature's wash is all she'll be getting for a couple of days. Had dinner at the marina's bar last night, both the Rockfish and the company were excellent.

Before we left home, we found this little guy wandering around our back yard. We tried to ignore him for a couple of days, but he wouldn't go away. He seemed to have been orphaned and was just the friendliest little fellow.  He just wanted to play with anyone or anything he saw.
So I googled, "what to do with an orphaned squirrel", and low and behold... There are 5 squirrel rehabilitation facilities in Memphis. I called one and they agreed to come get, "Rocky", (Yes, Mel named him.) they told me to put him in a box and try to feed him. Rocky seemed to enjoy me picking him up as he ran up my arm to my shoulder and he loved the water and pecans we put in his box. Later that afternoon a young lady came by and took him to his new home.
Mel and I will miss Rocky.
Radar... not so much.

Ahhhh... it's so good to be back.