Friday, August 18, 2017

Tides In Our favor

After a nice couple of days in Georgetown, the weather settled and we continued our trip north.

Leaving Georgetown, SC was a trip. Inside the little harbor things were calm, a bit of current, but as soon as we made it into Winyah Bay the tidal surge grabbed us and slung Istaboa out to the ocean like a sling shot. At times I saw speeds of 13+ knots. (yes, speed is subjective)
Spitting us out into the Atlantic, that same tidal current propelled us toward Southport, NC at a good clip. Approaching Cape Fear, the day's destination, an incoming tide was pulling us into the inlet at almost 11 knots and we arrived at the marina earlier than expected.
Checked in and the boys walked, the seemingly scheduled afternoon thunderstorm arrived.

We were left with this big beautiful rainbow after the storm moved offshore. Fortunately, the brief, but torrential squall nicely cleaned the salt spray from the boat. (Bahamian Boat Wash) It seems the natural forces of the universe have been lining up and working in our favor for the last few days.

Yesterday morning, early out of Cape Fear Inlet, a strong tidal current pushed us out pass the long Frying Pan Shoals. Crossing at the Slue, a marked shortcut, we turned north and made way toward Beaufort Inlet and Morehead City, NC.
Arrival at the cut at around 5PM and making it into the Yacht Basin just before closing time, again, the tides were favorable. We rode the current all the way in. Then, like magic, it nearly slacked as we eased down the little canal that leads to the marina. Many know Morehead City Yacht Basin as a difficult marina to negotiate; however, on this day, it was a piece of cake.

Other than leaving the dock this morning, tides will not be a factor for a while. Running the ICW up to The Chesapeake, tidal range is minimal.

We've been quite lucky. Usually we find the current and wind on our nose which almost always makes for long miserable days. This trip, so far, it's been in our favor, all to our back.

Be that as it may, we know, tides turn, they always do.
We'll take what we get... as if we have a choice.


8:30 update:
The tides did turn.  At the present time, we're pressed up against the dock ... thrusters are no match for this current.
We'll be here for a few more hours and make this a short day.