Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Time to start fishin'

Capt. Will, one of our friends from Compass Cay who lives here in Stuart, came by yesterday. It's always good to see Will. One of the kindest people we know.
He also came bearing gifts. He had just returned from Compass and Tucker had sent us a bag of Hogfish.  Great eating fish.
You may remember Will from an earlier post... He is the resident Shark masseuse on Compass.

Will and his favorite shark, Squirt.
Will and I are rigging out the Albury to do a little fishing. The weather is right and Snook season has started. He has lived around here for years and has fished these waters since he was a kid. So fresh fish should be on Istaboa's menu soon.

Came across this YouTube video today and thought it was funny. This critter is called a Slow Loris
This has nothing to do with fishing. but... enjoy.

Hopefully we have a few pics of some fish to post soon. Don't expect large catches as we only catch enough to eat as a rule and we don't like to freeze them; we go out and hopefully catch dinner and come on back in.
Fresh fish!