Sunday, July 19, 2015

Nassau Layover

•Back to the city• 

And, I can't say that's at all bad; we most always enjoy our time in Nassau.

After our run up from The Exumas and arrival at Bay Street Marina, we looked up and spotted 'Beacon Won' on her way in; old buddies, Bruce and Sheila
Some of you may remember from our blog, Captain/Mate, aboard the charter boat, "Bahama Star" are now sailing 'Beacon Won'. Their charters were doubling head count so an increase in the size of their vessel was in order to keep up with demand.

For years we've bumped into these two in The Exumas and Nassau. Bruce always the, happy pirate , invites us over for Fried Turkey; he and Sheila always lay out a great spread.

This was the end of the cruise for this charter, so one last photo op of the whole crew was composed.
About 3 hours later the next charter showed up. And, they were all from Memphis. We had actually met several of the young folks a few years ago at Compass Cay. Bruce gets a lot of repeat business.
He and Sheila are busy folks. Week long charters, one after the other, with just a couple of hours in between.

During our brief stay at Bay Street, we ran into several folks we haven't seen for a while. Captain/Crews like it here. 3 bar/restaurants at the top of the hill? What's not to like?

Also, walking back from lunch at Mckenzie's and shopping at the Funky-but-Fabulous Potter's Cay we heard someone yelling, "Bob Taylor, Bob Taylor!", it was Jamal, Tucker's son and the manager of Compass. We spoke briefly, but traffic wouldn't allow us much time. Potter's is always busy; it's a local favorite.
Mel and I were glad we saw Jamal, he was off the island when we left. So a proper farewell was made.

Potters Cay with Atlantis in the background for contrast.

So today, Crew Istaboa will make way for The Berry Islands and head back to Great Harbour Cay.

The seas are predicted to be relatively smooth and we're happy to be visiting our new friends at Great Harbour.

This cruise is winding down. It's been a great one so far.

More to come.