Thursday, December 11, 2008

Big blow at Bay Point

Ahhh, Beautiful Bay Point Marina at sunset... So peaceful

But for the last couple of days it's been a bit of a blow here.
As I sit in the pilothouse of Istaboa, I am keeping my eye on a sailboat that has broken loose from it's mooring and is stuck on a mudbank. Hope that mudbank holds her because we are in-line to meet up if she breaks loose. We have alerted the staff at the marina so I hope to see someone (Coast Guard?) do something before dark.
As you can tell from the graph on Istaboa's Airmar Weather Station, it's blowin and been blowin all day. Click the display pic to enlarge.
40kts sustained winds with gust up to 50. That's breezy. It has definitely been a 2 flag day.

Right now... I am going out to hang a couple of fenders because that sailboat just keeps inching closer.



Update at 6:00 pm: SeaTow arrived in time and towed the sailboat away. The folks at Bay Point are on the job. This will make for a better sleep tonight.