Wednesday, October 19, 2011

That's a lotta boats

 (From Huffington Post)
Nearly 2,000 boats made their way through the waters of the Gulf of Trieste in an attempt to win the 43rd annual Barcolana Regatta on Oct. 9.
Dubbed the largest single-start regatta in the world, the Regatta attracts thousands of spectators, as hundreds of crews attempt to maneuver through the 16.5-mile course, PR Newswire reports. The event takes place on the second Sunday of October.
This year's winner, the Esimit Europa 2, finished the race in just under an hour. The yacht's crew comprised sailors from six different countries, according to the report.

Also, last night's Bela Fleck show at the Lyric lived up to his legend. Great band.
Piano/ Harmonica— Howard Levy was amazing, as were the Wooten Bros.

An interesting video about the band's new CD, Rocket Science, and the supporting tour on page 2.