Friday, August 16, 2013

Today's Pics

Mud and Dar have really enjoyed their new found freedom. During the week, pups can run unleashed pretty much anywhere around this little marina and not be in danger of anything more deadly than a goose.

I like this blurry shot of little Mud.

Crazy-Ass Muddy Waters enjoys just being his crazy-ass little self and Radar is seemingly pretty happy too.
We know they were tired of the hectic Annapolis lifestyle, not to mention the one-nighters we've been doing for the last while.

Radar's thinkin', life is good.

Radar's hair is slowly growing back .... we like his new do.

We're still trying to figure out what's next on our new itinerary. We weren't anticipating the turnaround and we've got some time to kill.
We dropped the dink in the water today in order to enjoy the many anchorages to be had around here... Cranked up, much to our surprise, but then died. Old fuel is the culprit... though clogged injectors could also be a problem. We so rarely use the dink anymore.
Hope Georgetown Marina has a good Yamaha mechanic... surely they do.

The pups are certainly happy about our decision to abort the trip north and we're getting over the disappointment of it also. There's still much to do and places to experience. 

Have a good weekend and thanks for checking on us.