Friday, June 26, 2009

Been dark for a while

We apologize to our habitual followers and friends for not posting anything for a week or so... living in civilization has it's entrapment's. Though not at all bad; we have been kinda busy.
Life at Marina Bay is nice... We have been hitting their gym almost everyday. Kind of a self-imposed rehab after living the island life for the last few months. (We feel the need to sweat off all that Conch and Kalik.)
Less fun but necessary would be the negotiations with insurance companies and our education of Florida sales and use tax laws. We think we have all that where we want it... We shall see.

Photographic evidence

More fun and exciting would be the truck trips up and down the coast of SE Florida in search of proper fishing boat. (those who know me understand that it must be a steal of a deal) We found one!
In Jensen Beach, which is about a 100 miles north, was a beautifully used 23' Albury Brothers Center Console. If you have spent any time in the out islands of the Bahamas, you know of this boat and the heritage of the Albury name. It's a classic. (and yes I got my deal)

She's a beauty

The plan is to rig her with the appropriate gear--electronics, T-Top, and such-- make her look like new again, then put her on the market and find another one. Melonie is not the mercenary that I am so she hopes we're the buyers.

We took her out for a spin last night... down the New River to Briny RIverfront Pub. It's fun to park your boat right out front of the restaurant. They seem to be very dog friendly so next time Radar can go.

So that's it... we're still enjoying life; just a bit differently... but it's all good.

Will post pics of the Albury as she progresses.