Saturday, February 25, 2012

Muddy Report 2-25-12

Man, we forgot what it's like to have a new pup, but he's so damn cute that he makes up for the bits of trouble he gets into.

Radar's finally reached the toleration level. I really think he's teaching Muddy by example, but he refuses to play with him which drives the puppy crazy. We're sure that'll change in time. Maybe it's the teacher never plays with the student kinda thing.

Muddy wants to follow Radar everywhere he goes,
look at what he looks at,
and smell what he smells.

We think the boy's gonna be a good one.
Only three accidents inside the boat so far and those were when he first arrived and he's so small they weren't a problem to clean up.
Now, if we leave the back door open, giving him access to his Little Rascal Turf, (Thanks Kasey's Choice), he'll hop out in the cockpit all on his own and do his business. This will come in handy on those long passages we're planning in the spring.
Yep, he's sleeping in the bed with us.... The whole of Crew Istaboa all wadded up in one bed. In the middle of the night I feel Muddy's little paws walking up my back and then hear a low grumble coming from Radar, who sleeps next to my head, then I feel those little paws going back down my back to the foot of the bed where he's safe. Eventually he will curl up next to Mel to finish the night.

So, Muddy is working out well. We think he's gonna be a good addition.

Speaking of that spring cruise... Our loose plans are to briefly do the Exumas, Eleuthera, and the Abacos then make a long run up to Fernandina Beach, FL to check on our Grandson's progress. After spending some time we'll run the east coast to New York City for my 60th birthday in mid June. We would like to do the Hudson River before heading up to Maine then turning around and heading back south.
We've never done that part of the world and are very much looking forward to it.

Lots of chores to do before the spring run. One being moving out of our land dwelling and figuring out what to do with all that furniture and stuff.
Boat chores are never ending as usual, so we're staying busy.



Ran across this video and found it interesting. An interesting point of view. Hope you enjoy.