Friday, February 11, 2011

Shots over the bow

The favorite view for crew Istaboa

Going back through some archived images while working on a photo book (for personal enjoyment), we came upon a lot of these shots taken from the pilot house and over the bow. A lot! 
It's made us realize how fortunate we've been to have experienced these visuals and how much we want to add to this collection, there's a whole world of this still out there waiting for us, (much to Radar's chagrin)

For now...

Yep, we're still in Stuart and the exit windows of opportunity are getting shorter and shorter, northers clocking around only to become northers again within hours, which is what the weather does this time of year. 
But, there's no reason to complain, our time will come. 
More on page 2, but be warned... page 2 is large